About the Practitioner

Paul Franklin LMT, ABMP

Paul is a fully licensed massage therapist who has been in practice since 1997. He specializes in CORE Myofascial Therapy and studied under George Kousaleos, L.M.T., founder of the CORE Institute and Dr. William E. Bonney.

He also studied with Thomas Myers and his amazing "Anatomy Trains" theory. Tom is an amazing practioner and teacher who has over 30yrs experience in the field. His knowledge of connective tissue, as well as his "touch", are second to none.

My work in massage therapy was born out of pain. Having had a severely damaged lower back in my late 20's I found relief through Chiropractic and Massage. That is what led me to find ways to help people in pain through manual therapies.

I have lived in the Clearwater FL. area since moving here from Australia in 1992. I have a wife and two sons who have benefitted from my work and I am trully blessed.


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